Through the letterbox



I’m always intrigued by the ‘quirky’ novel. This book falls into that category. I do, however, wonder about all the books which never get published at all. What happens to them? What happens to those which are published but do not find the market comfortable? How does a book even make it past the threshold of a bookshop? These are some of the questions, amongst many which must go through the mind of an author as they go through the task of writing their book. There is, of course, vast swathes of unutterable rubbish out there and the fad of self-publication via kindle etc may have fuelled this tripe-fest. There are many which have a lack of originality or are just plain awful. I’ve picked up a few and regretted it immediately.

This book, however, is brilliant. In it we are treated to the story of a marriage between Gordon and Georgina and an unfolding of the revelations about their families and the lives of those around them. I guess it looks deeply into those ‘closed’ parts of families and it does this by peeking through the curtains of those lives. Gordon is a ‘curtain twitcher’, living on Cressington Vale. His life is determined by two things: one is Georgina and the other is the relationships he has with his neighbours.

From the very first page we know where this book is going, but that does not matter one bit. The journey will make us look at the very core of our relationships with others and how our actions matter. I think it also deals with obsession, love, regret and desire. What drives us to take the actions we take? What are our motives? Why do we not when we should? Is the ‘accepted’ path the one we should always take? So much to consider.

It would make a terrific stage play….

I felt truly engaged with the characters and despite the fact that Georgina does not ‘speak’ she has a voice in the way the tale is written

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