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I’m going to claim bias in 2 ways. One is that I know John Polkinghorne and he truly is a humble and extremely intelligent person. ¬†In this book he does not beat his opponents with a stick, preferring to show … Continue reading

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Through the keyhole

J K Rowling surprises,delights,shocks and affirms in this tremendous ‘adult fiction’ debut. For me this shows her capabilities in observing the minutiae of human experience and exposing the various prejudices of the average person. She did this so well with … Continue reading

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Odds bodkins!

I first read this a number of years ago and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the book that first drew me to the world of absurdist fiction. I have a soft spot for Eddie. He remains an … Continue reading

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  I was given this book as a present last year and have only just managed to get round to completing it. At first I found it quite hard to penetrate and I was not immediately gripped by the premise. … Continue reading

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It’s hard to say that I “like” Stuart MacBride’s work. I admire the craft and skill in his storytelling but the gritty drama is as stark as it gets and it lifts the genre of the police procedural to a … Continue reading

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