Through the keyhole


J K Rowling surprises,delights,shocks and affirms in this tremendous ‘adult fiction’ debut. For me this shows her capabilities in observing the minutiae of human experience and exposing the various prejudices of the average person. She did this so well with the Dursleys in the Potter novels. In my opinion these were some of the best parts of those novels where the fantastical world was put aside to look at the world around us.

Here we have a dark tale which starts with the untimely death of much loved village character. This creates a power vacuum in the village which threatens to tear the flimsy relationships wide open.

What feels truly impressive is the places the author can go with this novel which were impossible in a children’s book. We have rape, death, sex, adultery, prejudice, racism, child abuse, drug addiction and an educational character with a history .,, this makes for far more to catch you and keep you reading.

This is far better than the Robert Galbraith outing and I would gladly read another in a similar vein.

High point: excellent view from an addicts point of view

Disappointment ? Possibly the fact that Cubby has an obvious narcissistic personality disorder and this should have been trawled a little further than it was.

Otherwise – worth the read

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about a new book.

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