A cycle of violence



Brookmyre excels in this series featuring Jasmine Sharp. This third instalment brings a conclusion to the ongoing thread regarding Jasmine’s parents and in quite a dramatic fashion. I do wonder if this concludes our involvement with this character. In some ways I will be quite happy to leave things as they are. Jasmine has come along, created quite a ‘stir’ and left us with a set of stories that work quite well just as they are. If he were to continue her character I wonder if she would become routine and predictable? That concerns me and I’m happy to leave her life out of my gaze for now.

This book centres round the murder of a prominent gangland character “Stevie Fullerton”. His murder is laid squarely at the feet of Glen Fallan and it is into his past, Stevies past, as well as that of Jasmine and Caroline that we must dive. All sorts of skeletons are dredged from the depths. Needless to say, there are a lot of connections and the complexity of the plot is considerable. It pays to pay attention all the way through. There is much that would be missed on a ‘skim read’. For this reason it took me a fair while to get through the novel.

There is a cracking characterisation of a person whose son was implicated in a previous murder but has a long standing association with Alcoholics anaonymous. This is handled sensitively but with an eye for some nuances that seem very faithful to that form of fellowship.

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