Yet another brilliant piece of work from Jonas Joanasson.

The style of this book is very similar to the 100year old man.., if you liked that (and I did (see earlier)with a few reservations) then this is for you.

We treated to the life story of Nombeko, a sanitation worker( a nobody) in the slums of Soweto who has a tricky path through life and becomes attached to an atomic weapon.

Her story collides with that of Holger in Sweden who has an unusual non-existence.

We follow a bomb,some anarchists,a paranoid man on the run from the CIA, Mossad agents and many more. The bomb becomes a character in its own right and this is an interesting device in and of itself, being inanimate.

It’s hilarious and likeable hokum and there is a typically simple arc to the narrative. The only complaint I would have is that you are completely aware of where the end will be and how it will be almost from the first 50pages. If you get over this then it is a great ride .

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