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A lengthy quest

This book is long. It has taken me nearly a year to read. At 742 pages it is no slim tome. The breadth of material covered is vast. Here we run around number theory, Zen Buddhism, molecular biology, the theory … Continue reading

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No twiglets for me

  I always feel slightly less than adequate when I come across readers who have read so much more widely than I have done. Others have read far more classic fiction where I have read a large amount of pap. … Continue reading

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Here’s an interesting book. I’ve just finished a first read through and I’m impressed. There are many tools in here which could help to improve a persons happiness, success and confidence. These are no empty words. Essentially, the author uses … Continue reading

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Still around

  No. I havent seen the film No. I’m not going to see the film Yes. I might buy the DVD What do I think? I think its a great thriller with two utterly unlikeable central characters. That Gillian Flynn … Continue reading

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