Still around



No. I havent seen the film

No. I’m not going to see the film

Yes. I might buy the DVD

What do I think? I think its a great thriller with two utterly unlikeable central characters.

That Gillian Flynn puts you in the position where you cannot make a decision to take one side or the other is very satisfying. There are a few “colour by numbers” sections and it is hard to discuss this book without plot spoilers so I’m not going to go there.

Almost everyone will be aware that this book centres around the disappearance of a woman on the date of the couple’s 5th wedding anniversary. On the face of it, their perfect marriage and perfect life would suggest that there is nothing internal which underlies this event. This is,of course, not the case. Much falls out and the manner of its revelation is well paced and tightly plotted.

Interestingly, I read “Dark places” before this and was struck by the cinematic ending (which I hate in any book). In “gone girl” there does not appear to be such a cinematic sensibility and the book works better for this. This is despite both books being optioned for movies. The classic ‘3 act’ plot is strictly for the intellectually dim, cannot manage more than 2 significant plot points and who need spoon feeding (average moviegoers according to Hollywood). This book steers away from this and there is enough to keep a reader going right until the last line. There is a wry look at manipulation within relationships and this plays out on more than one level.

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