Here’s an interesting book. I’ve just finished a first read through and I’m impressed. There are many tools in here which could help to improve a persons happiness, success and confidence. These are no empty words.

Essentially, the author uses everyday language to explain why our brains act and react in the way they do. At the heart of it all is the fact that we have an “emotional brain” which is fast and powerful and reacts way before our “rational brain” has a chance to find another solution. This is the essence of the Chimp vs the Human. The rest of the book adds weight to the explanation.

Critically, Dr Peters does not say that the Chimp is all bad and neither does he say that the Human is all good but that we need to live in harmony with all parts of our brain.

The book uses the illustration of a “universe” of many parts (planets, moons etc) to elaborate various features. I could see why this might be helpful but it got awful complicated and I’m not sure that it helped. As someone who does understand the neuroscience behind the model, I was left wondering why it needed to be quite so complex. As a contrast however, Daniel Goleman’s book “emotional intelligence”, eschews the simple in favour of just delivering the science at face value. This has its demerits as well and it is up to the reader to take away what they need from such works.

I’m going to say that I immediately applied the technique he describes to help with sleep. My sleep quality improved dramatically and all because I had a simple model I could apply at a time when I don’t have my full thinking head in order (in bed). I look forward to going back through this book and working through the exercises. I will be pulling together work I have done in other areas on values etc and slightly re-defining the way I think and act.

This book really could help anybody!

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