A lengthy quest


This book is long. It has taken me nearly a year to read. At 742 pages it is no slim tome.

The breadth of material covered is vast. Here we run around number theory, Zen Buddhism, molecular biology, the theory of computational hierarchy and artificial intelligence.

All this is to look at issues surrounding the theories of consciousness and wherein lies ‘meaning’.

My only concern is that this book was published some 25 years ago and whilst a great introduction to the topic and a superb philosophical look at the matters, it may not reflect the current state of thinking and now I want to KNOW!

The structure of the book is quite unique. We have a series of dialogues which prefigure the chapters to come. They give a way to illustrate the concepts which are about to be exposited.

There is a narrative thread and the reader is gradually led through the various topics until they arrive at the “strange loops”.

It demands a lot of thought and does spark debate and interest.

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