He has a lime


Neil Gaiman shows just how much he understands the function of myth in society and how the power of stories work a level of magic for us. There are literally hundreds of small but brilliant touches looking at how Gods and spirits work for us.

We follow the story of Fat Charlie who is the son of Anansi the spider God. The stories of Anansi are well known and if you want to research more then this could be done but I would recommend taking the story as found here. Gaiman gives you more than enough to work with and without unnecessary exposition.

Fat Charlie is a victim of his own circumstance and it would seem that the only thing he has going for him is his fiancee. His mother-in-law to be would appear to have different ideas on how a son-in-law should present in her world and after taking a large bite out of one of her expensive wax fruits, in her eyes Fat Charlie is far from a suitable prospect for her daughter.

Fat Charlie enlists the help of his brother, but, by invoking the appearance, he creates ripples in his story which have vast ramifications and leave him jobless, destitute and even his fiancee is in thrall to “Spider”.

In order to try and fix this he creates yet more chaos and the book is a brilliantly woven tale of thriller and crime novel with swathes of fantasy thrown in. Above all Fat Charlie is the man with the lime.

To me, Anansi boys is neater and more succinct than American Gods but covers quite a lot of the same topics. I have stuck it into my “absurdist” category as there is more than a bit which could be considered for this genre.

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