What a journey!


I’m Going to hand it to Richard Coles; this autobiography is incredible. It gripped me from the beginning until the very last page.

There is so much on which you can draw. If you areid forties to mid fifties in age then it will be even more pertinent as the music scene of the eighties makes for a backdrop to much of this history.

However, a word of warning! It is candid to the pint of being extremely blunt and nothing is left to the imagination. We read of his relationship history and it is no spoiler to let you know that this means that we hear of the many partners he took in his early years. There are tales of S&M, drug taking and downright sleaze. This is gutsy stuff.

There is also a chapter and more devoted to AIDS and this is not for the faint of heart. It is frankly harrowing and I have to say that it did change the way I felt about this illness.

Most amazing of all is his story of conversion to Christianity and also how he came to be ordained. There are wonderful vignettes of how he came to terms with his life and how faith came to be the force which informs his life and brings him to peace.

I have so much I could write about this but I am now intrigued about the nature of the book of Ephesians! I love that book but all teaching I have read seems to contradict what is written by Rev Coles here.

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