This book is not quite what it sets out to be. On the face of it, it would appear that, according to the author, the Simpsons, has been educating the world in mathematics by stealth.

What has actually occurred is that there are a whole stack of mathematical jokes and references slipped into the cartoon series, but it does not in and of itself, educate. If you are astute and mathematically aware then you will enjoy finding them within the cartoon and it will no doubt give you another reason to watch.

In order for The Simpsons to “smuggle in enough maths for a degree course”, you would have to understand the references and follow them through.

Simon Singh’s book does this for you and it shows just how clever some of those references are. Just to run at that again; Singh’s book does the work of educating and I would recommend it as a companion piece to give a more in depth experience to your viewing!

There are also references to Futurama and the whole thing about the Futurama theorem is very interesting

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