This book is dynamite! I reckon that, for me,  it finally hammered home the real miracle of grace. Up to this point I didn’t really get it. It also helped me to understand how forgiveness really works and gave me lots of encouragement on how I might effect this is my life. 

The book is crammed with brilliant illustrative anecdotes and has a truly deep and personal feel. 

I can imagine that Philip Yancey does not sit well with the fundie brigade but do you know what? I think that’s fine. They need to be shown up for the ungracious throwbacks they are. Stop! No I should even show them grace and maybe, just maybe their hearts will soften and they will stop obsessing about unimportant minutiae whilst displaying severe cognitive dissonance regarding their behaviours.

Ungrace is why the church is unattractive. If we want to survive beyond the next few years we’ve got to get back to what it truly means to be Christian. We have to stand against a world full of hate. Our churches hate. Other religions are full of hate. Nations hate. As Christians we’ve got to move away from hate and embrace love. Grace is truly amazing but it’s hard to practice and,it seems, hard to find. 

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