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Rabbit hole

I must admit I bought this as a bit of a ‘punt’. I saw it in the b3ta newsletter (yes advertising does work), and having bought other books written by authors who have risen in that way I thought “it’s … Continue reading

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Retro fun!

  This is a rip-roaring adventure and I liked it very much. The story is relatively straightforward and a classically 3-act  journey-of-the-hero but none the worse for that. For my money, I’m quite happy with however these are produced. They … Continue reading

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   This is an interesting exploration of public shaming in the modern age. It looks at many of the recent ‘twitterstorms’ including Justine Sacco and the hounding of these people by the self righteous mob. I find this a distasteful … Continue reading

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2015 – 1984 = 31

   This is an incredible novel. In it I saw echoes of 1984 and a truly chilling future as being driven by the information giants of the search engines and social media. We follow the story of Mae as she … Continue reading

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The Restaurant at the end of the yawniverse 

   Seriously ? Why has this become a ‘classic’. It’s ok at best. The events follow those of the hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy and roughly develop the plot further but in truth apart from a (very vague), existential discussion … Continue reading

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