Retro fun!


This is a rip-roaring adventure and I liked it very much.

The story is relatively straightforward and a classically 3-act  journey-of-the-hero but none the worse for that. For my money, I’m quite happy with however these are produced. They are always satisfying and maintain that pleasing conclusion in each case. In this way we all maintain the function which stories serve in our society. They bind,intrigue,inspire and affirm and this book does that very well. 

Any of us could be Wade in 2044 searching for a hidden treasure within an online immersive environment. His challenge could be achieved by anyone and in this case he is up against the millions of others who are also in the hunt. 

Within this hunt are an organised and ruthless set of professionals who set out to remove the obstacles in their way (including Wade). 

The end is obvious from the beginning but that,as I have said is not a problem. The writing is pacy, straightforward and engaging. It won’t win any awards for highbrow literature but I don’t think it needs to. 

It is very linear but so is ‘the journey’, and setting this within the near future looking back at the advent of computer gaming (the 80s) is a strike of geek genius. There are stacks of references to 80s culture and if you were a child/teenager in those years this book will make you squeal with glee on so many occasions. 

I hear it has been optioned for a movie and I will be happy to see that as well and for once I don’t think the author set out to write a movie. 

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