Rabbit hole

I must admit I bought this as a bit of a ‘punt’. I saw it in the b3ta newsletter (yes advertising does work), and having bought other books written by authors who have risen in that way I thought “it’s cheap, how bad can it be?”. 

I was surprised 

At first I was somewhat concerned that the geek-speak would get in the way of the narrative and that,whilst the idea was a good one, I did not believe it would be sustainable over a full novel. 

I was wrong.

In fact my initial preconceptions were well and truly scrapped as the book progressed. There is a story. I think the story is relevant at the current time and given the whole “Twitter shaming” process which seems to be reaching epidemic proportions, I think there has never been a better moment for this book. That said, I think it may, therefore, become quite stale quite quickly but that is not a problem for a world which clicks hungrily to the next thing.

Our ‘hero’ sets out to take action against those who commit sins against the Internet. This is done with an almost religious fervour and under the instructions of the shadowy ‘killuminati’. Again, I was slightly concerned about a “lone wolf” narrative being quite boring but there are enough ancillary characters who flit in and out to make the whole thing work.

Having got to the end I am happy to say that it mostly works as a whole piece but I was a little disappointed with the fact that I could have been trusted with a bit more information about the real overarching plot, as this would have given me a better reason to read on. I think to give it all in the last chapter was not ideal.

So… Good but not excellent – I would still encourage others to read it. I would recommend “the circle” and Jon Ronson’s book as companion pieces and given that I accidentally read them in recent weeks that was no bad thing.

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