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  I’m a bit behind with my blogging. Three books recently! Mark Billingham is always solid fare. His thrillers rank amongs the better of the current batch of fictional detectives, in this case Tom Thorne. Stuart Nicklin is a dangerous … Continue reading

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Lol Britain 

  Tim Moore takes us on a journey of the least loved parts of the UK. He does this in one of its least loved vehicles and when he arrives in the locations of choice he stays in the least … Continue reading

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  The fourth book of the ‘hitch-hiker’ series. I’m not going to grace it with the conceit that it is a ‘trilogy’ because it is not.  It is however, a good story. Once again, Adams moved away from the pointless … Continue reading

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Ah ha!

   Well. It took three books but finally! A story. This one had a story with all the usual normal constructions of a story and a good one at that. It features all the main characters from the previous books … Continue reading

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