Ah ha!


Well. It took three books but finally! A story. This one had a story with all the usual normal constructions of a story and a good one at that. It features all the main characters from the previous books and this helps to draw the book together. 

We are drawn into the history of the Universe and the planet Krikkit. This neatly alludes to the rather dull and aimless game of cricket itself. Much of the substance of the book is given over to how the war-mongering inhabitants of this planet can be stopped from destroying the known Universe. This thread holds it all together and we find our protagonists thee heroes of the piece. 

There is much less of Adams’ pointless comment on topics about which he appears to have an opinion but which often sounds like he is just whining. This is good. I actually do want to read the remainder of the series again now. 

It’s a little odd because, when I originally read this as a teenager, I thought this the most boring of the then three books so far. Now I actually think it to be the superior. 

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