Lol Britain 

Tim Moore takes us on a journey of the least loved parts of the UK. He does this in one of its least loved vehicles and when he arrives in the locations of choice he stays in the least loved hotels and eats the good considered to be the least desirable. All this is done with much humour and he delivers a great deal of factual knowledge along the way. I learnt a lot and was in turns saddened and enlightened. 

Rather disturbingly I’ve lived in one of the featured locations and currently do live in one of the others! 

What became quite obvious was how many of the places were on the edge of our country. The decline of our status as a seafaring nation is nowhere more obvious than in our seaside towns. This has resulted in industrial decline on ahuge scale. I also wondered what it is that we actually ‘do’ in the UK which keeps our economy afloat. 

I ended the book with a sense that, although these places had their problems, there was a human heart which kept the location even marginally alive. 

I’m still not inclined to eat a ‘Parmo’ though

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