Companion piece


This book is a companion piece for the “unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry”.

I think it is possible to read the book for its own sake and be intrigued as to the other side of the tale. In fact, that is sort of how it worked for me. It has been a couple of years since I read the Harold Fry book so I read this one with only a vague working knowledge of the other. That was quite a moving piece with an emotional core of some depth. This book is no different and revolves around the same characters as seen from anothe perspective. In this case we take the story of Queenie, the lady whom Harold Fry is walking to meet. We read her history and the ways in which her life collided with that of Harold Fry and the unrequited elements of that relationship. This book leaves nothing out. We read her heart poured out. 

On the face of it: ‘dying elderly disabled woman dictates letter to past love via a hospice nurse’ seems like a very poor prospect for a book but it draws you in and catches you unawares. There is a real depth of feeling and a strong current of human life in this book. The end is quiet but packs a huge impact. 

We should all tell our story while we can. I would encourage anyone to take Queenie’s story to heart though 

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