What if the gospels had been written from a different perspective?

Naomi Alderman charts a dangerous course verging on the edge of what is possible in a world which is hell bent on finding a reason to hate anyone that does not adhere to their narrow minded version of a story which was first told 2000 years ago.

I am sure , although I haven’t bothered to check, that there are scores of folk who consider this book blasphemous. They’re wrong. It is, quite clearly, a very fresh look at the stories surrounding ‘that’ Passover in Jerusalem and an equally brutal ‘no punches’ view of Roman occupation in Palestine. This book allows you to properly feel the oppression within that occupation and to empathise with the conflicting tensions.

It is a work of fiction but draws on some good and reliable contemporary references. I liked the idea that this was told in an ‘honest’ way by unreliable biased witnesses: Judas, Caiaphas, Barrabas etc.

What if the story had been told thus? Would it detract? I don’t think so.

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