Poignancy – a sharp truth

Maud is an 80year old who is a little confused and forgetful and at times a touch of a danger to herself. She sets out to find out why her friend ‘Elizabeth’ is missing. 
Unfortunately for Maud, putting the pieces together is tough and none of them quite seem to fit. 

We are given a glimpse into the chaos of a mind in the throes of dementia. We are also able to see how her daughter copes with this and how her frustration and anxiety are visible.

Maud is also recollecting a story from her youth regarding a missing family member. These recollections are not linear but they gradually condense from the fog to give us s complete story. It is this story that forms the heart of the book and gives it momentum. Without this it would have been a fairly straightforward story of a batty old lady.

For me, the characters were well drawn and I was satisfied with the way it had been portrayed for both time periods. 

This book was at times a mystery, at times a sharply observed decline and at times just so achingly accurate.

A superb novel 

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