Devilishly good

This is a brilliant book exploring faith and what it really means. Robertson gets to the heart of humanity and its desire for meaning and asks the awkward question: “what if the devil was someone who was real and could be walked and spoken with”. 

The story centres around a Church of Scotland priest, Gideon Mack, who survives a terrible fall into a raging torrent but only returns after 3 days being presumed dead. In that time he claims to have spoken with Satan. You are left making up your own mind as to what is going on. 

There is a neat framing device in the fact that Gideon’s testament is ‘found’ and delivered to a publisher who is considering publication and that is where we join the story. 

Prejudice is rife and social convention is thrown upside down within the community of the village in which Gideon is the priest.

There is a spectacular funeral scene which is at the same time hilarious and makes you squirm with discomfort. 

This is most definitely a book to which I shall return. 

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