Mirror mirror

This book was recommended to me by someone who has the misfortune to manage me. It is a story with which I identify quite a lot. It is a neat window onto the kind of thinking which occurs when you believe that there really is no other way of thinking.

We see the life of a young man who is searching for something but he doesn’t really know how to engage with the world in order that he may live in it normally. This is autism at its disabling worst and this book casts a wry glance at how this affects a life. There is much humour but behind it is an aching sadness for a life which cannot see in anything other than black and white. 

I truly believe that there are a cohort of genuinely autistic people who suffer in exactly the ways described in this poignant and touching story.

However I also believe that there are a number of other cohorts to consider:

1. Those who cripple themselves with an Internet diagnosed autism and then wear it like a badge of honour and claim that this excuses their childish action.

2. Those who have a conditioned behaviour pattern which has arisen through defective parenting or worse. They look similar but must be managed in a wholly different way

3. Sociopaths. Look similar but have no chance of empathy. Ever.

So, this is a great book but I’m concerned that it feeds the fake autistics…

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