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Kolymsky Heights

   So, Philip Pullman rates this book as the best thriller he has read. He’s not wrong. The book is amazing. We have a classic spy tale with stacks of detail. The detail is firmly anchored with the character and … Continue reading

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   Once again Robert Goddard leads us back to the turn of the century. This is right back to the time of his first book “Past Caring”. We are,as ever, drawn into an incredible, unlikely and completely improbable world of … Continue reading

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Making music

   This is Brookmyre making a departure into the thriller genre and doing it brilliantly well. He has resurrected the Parlabane character and taken a huge side-swipe at the music industry and its darker side. We view this story from … Continue reading

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Holy war 

   I read this book in October and realise that it was written some time before recent events had started to swamp our collective conscious. I’m not one for the mawkish sentimentality of the ‘je suis’ movements or seeking to … Continue reading

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Two wheels good ….

   I picked this book up very cheaply via my kindle some while ago. I decided to give it a read and it turned out to be a brilliant travelogue. Our companion is a schoolteacher who sets out to visit … Continue reading

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