Two wheels good ….

I picked this book up very cheaply via my kindle some while ago. I decided to give it a read and it turned out to be a brilliant travelogue. Our companion is a schoolteacher who sets out to visit a school in India , Chembakolli to be precise but decides to go there entirely overland as far as possible and by bicycle. The ensuing adventure is as full of interest and excitement as you could expect.

I got a real sense of the countries through which he travelled and learned a great deal along the way ( that may be the teacher in him not allowing anything to pass by without it being a ‘learning experience’ ). Above all it was the encounters with people which brought this book to life. It really showed that it is social cohesion which makes society run smoothly and this does seem more evident the further you travel from our shores. This gradually becomes more and more obvious as his journey progresses. 

He may have gone too far but it was worth it for the story!

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