Once again Robert Goddard leads us back to the turn of the century. This is right back to the time of his first book “Past Caring”. We are,as ever, drawn into an incredible, unlikely and completely improbable world of intrigue. 

The setting is the peace talks in the wake of the Great War and most of the action takes place in Paris. Our protagonist is an RAF pilot who is considering setting up a flying school on his parents land. The rather untimely death of his father puts a crimp in this and puts him in direct conflict with his brother who has no intention of allowing such a thing to take place. He sets about searching for the truth of his fathers death and this, being a Robert Goddard book, is far from simple .

Be warned. There is a lot of story and it’s going to take 3 books to resolve this and nothing is sorted in book 1 and book 2 is likely to merely confuse matters so we shall all be waiting for book 3….

Typical Robert Goddard fare but none the worse for that

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