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Antikythera for the interested

   This book is ace. I’ve had a fascination for the antikythera mechanism for a good number of years and this probably dates back to a TV programme which is mentioned in the book and featured Arthur C Clarke. I … Continue reading

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The very ends of my disbelief

   This is the middle of three. Do not expect a resolution. I used to feel this way about episodes of ‘Taggart’ on TV. The way of the three part story is always to chuck in a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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   It’s rare to find a new book which hits the ground running and is just so good that it eclipses much of what is currently being published. This book does this. Japanese fiction holds a strange fascination for me … Continue reading

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Killing time

   This is one of those books which crops up time and again on those lists of : books-which-you-ought-to-have-read. I finally got round to doing this. The story follows “Scout”, the daughter of the lawyer Atticus Finch from a small … Continue reading

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