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What you think you know 

I thought I knew Isaac Newton’s history and I was wrong. This book takes us through the life of Isaac Newton from. His humble beginnings belie the huge impact he had on mathematics and physics, but how aware are you … Continue reading

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This book is quite simply brilliant. In essence it is about a very short space of time in which a goldfish falls from the top floor of an apartment block but the stories which are uncovered on the way down … Continue reading

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   This was an interesting book with a very intriguing ending but it let me down… On the whole the story works quite well once you have read the whole book. I spent a considerable portion of the book thinking … Continue reading

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Black dog

   I’m going to be honest, I don’t normally read short stories and,in part, this is because my wife doesn’t usually like them. I read these because I was given the book as a birthday present and it was a … Continue reading

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