Black dog

I’m going to be honest, I don’t normally read short stories and,in part, this is because my wife doesn’t usually like them. I read these because I was given the book as a birthday present and it was a very pleasant surprise.

Each one of these tales has the characteristic style of Neil Gaiman, that delicate but dark sense of something not being ‘quite right’. 

They draw you into their heart and force you to look at your own ideology which you bring to interpret what is laid before you. 

I was particularly impressed with ‘black dog’ and spent the whole time wishing it could have been so much longer. I would have liked a little more time to have been seduced by its narrative and for its ideas to have been more rounded out. 

On the whole I enjoyed the book and really also enjoyed the notes to go with the stories. I wasn’t totally fussed about the poetry but I guess that’s because that style doesn’t really work for me. 

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