What you think you know 

I thought I knew Isaac Newton’s history and I was wrong. This book takes us through the life of Isaac Newton from. His humble beginnings belie the huge impact he had on mathematics and physics, but how aware are you of his work at the Royal Mint? 

This book takes the story and works in a vast amount of historical detail about his time with the Mint and the cat-and-mouse games with which he was embroiled. William Chaloner was one of the foremost counterfeiters of his time and this book is as much about him as Newton. In the end it all comes down to greed and the corruption ran all the way to the top (not much change there…eh?).

To couple this with the fictional story behind Neal Stephenson’s Baroque cycle just shows me how much effort Stephenson puts into his books. 

Go read. You’ll discover a corner of history which is not often trodden. 

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