Meta fiction

Brookmyre shoes he is fantastically comfortable with the thriller genre in this  Scottish-noir novel. I probably invented that phrase but it sorta fits. 

This novel opens with a courtroom scene involving Diana Jager, a dedicated career surgeon who, we understand is involved with the disappearance of her husband. 

Someone witnesses a car leaving a remote road in the highlands and a Police search ensues.

Suspicion is cast upon Diana but the lack of a body or any evidence at all is causing a lot of upset. 

Diana, we find out, has been shifted to the highlands from a much more prestigious position thanks to her ‘outing’ as the infamous ‘Bladebitch’, an anonymous blogger who caused a lot of trouble for hospital IT staff. Turns out that this was the wrong group to annoy.

Thus we are led into a web of intrigue involving hacking, social media and new and old money. 

As a surgeon I totally identify with the sociopathic labelling of surgeons and the description where there is an attempt to look under the skin of ‘why’ surgeons cut is remarkably well observed. 

This novel is twister than Robert Goddard and smart to boot. So smart in fact that it cross references much of Brookmyre’s ouevre. This is where fictional and real worlds can collide and it becomes a little bit meta-fiction with the appearance of nods to other fictional works from different fictional universes e.g. Bedlam. This shows Brookmyre to be at least as astute as Neal Stephenson (and slightly less verbose). 

Loved it. I’m going to re-read some others from his earlier works. 

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