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Blood lust

Well who would have thought that there was yet another nuance to vampire fiction.  Matt Haig introduces us to the confluence of the supernatural with the mundane by inviting us into the world of the Radleys; a seemingly normal middle … Continue reading

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Ethically speaking

Oh my. This book is incredible. I only wonder just how much impact I let it have on my life. This non-fiction book is vitally important and comes at a time when these issues really do matter. So. Some words … Continue reading

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Its a Robert  Goddard, what are you going to expect? It is the conclusion of the trilogy and it is every bit as predictable as you would expect but a page-turner nonetheless. The hapless James Maxted is back in this … Continue reading

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On a (solo) mission

This is the best book I have read in ages. The lone voice of Mark Watney, delivered in his diary entries is captivating. This is edge-of-the-seat stuff and I don’t care if the ‘science’ doesn’t stack up or not but … Continue reading

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Theology redefined

A hitman, an unconvinced priest and a down-at-luck hotel receptionist. These souls collide in a farcical set of business arrangements whereby the hitman is dragged along and used to provide a meal-ticket for the others. Our priest does not really … Continue reading

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