Blood lust

Well who would have thought that there was yet another nuance to vampire fiction. 

Matt Haig introduces us to the confluence of the supernatural with the mundane by inviting us into the world of the Radleys; a seemingly normal middle class family with average middle class issues and angst but who are vampires. 

In reality the book is only using vampires to explore something more fundamental about human relationships and how our perceptions of each other can be altered by a shift in our viewpoint. 

On the whole it is not quite as acutely observed as ‘the humans’ but it is excellent. I began to tire of the vampire trope and felt that ran out of steam extremely quickly but I think that says much more about me and my perception of anything related to vampire fiction. I’m afraid I have to declare a bias and state that I cannot abide anything to do with the Twiglet saga but that is based on nothing more than preconception (I’ve never read it and nor have I seen the films). Unfortunately therefore, the Radleys was never going to score highly with me once it invoked the vampire clause.

Does it have redeeming features. Yes, and that is what kept me reading on. The unraveling of unrequited love and expression of feelings just made up for the universe in which it was set. 

I also thought there was something deeper lurking in there. This book has all the hallmarks of a tale where family dynamics have been upset by traumatic events and Matt Haig deftly weaves a few of these in to explore some deep cracks in the seemingly normal facade of the families in question. 

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