Neil Gaiman is not only brilliant, he is consistently and fabulously brilliant.

This is a book which has its roots in fairy tales and Gaiman shows us that he has the ability to weave a tale which has, at its heart, that thing which all the best fairy tales have; a deep connection to human nature and all that is interesting about that.

On the face of it and without taking anything further, this is a simple tale of reminiscence of an event in one mans life. This event was so significant that it changed the landscape forever but during the actual event it is the landscape of his mind which is most altered via his interactions with forces from another dimension.

I put this under my ‘horror’ group as well as there are some fairly disturbing passages which encroach on that genre much as in any good fable or fairytale and that is why I titled the post ‘fabulous’

It’s just great. Trust me

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