Night manager (of a travel tavern)

This book is like a badly written first draft of the ‘Night manager’ by John le Carre. It is one of Peter James’ early works on a re-release and I very nearly gave up on it. The only reason I continued was that I had already invested a couple of hours in it at that point and I wanted to know how it finished.

The portrayal of 80s banking, although Factually accurate and well researched was toe-curlingly awful and the other allusion would therefore be to the excesses of Jordan Belfort in the wolf of Wall St and it doesn’t even match up to that.

Plot? Errr a city trader wants to make lots of money  but his boss is involved in shady arms deals and some people want them dead. It’s amusing for the bits that other kindle users have chosen to highlight. That’s about the best bit!

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