Whose coffin?

This is an excellent and bang-up-to-date thriller with a strong ecological basis.

Amnesia can be a great way to create confusion and distraction in a thriller. In this book our protagonist is washed up on a beach on the Isle of Harris having no memory of who he is or what has occurred. Neil gradually starts to piece together snippets of his life from the place where he has been living, 

Before long there is an attempt on his life and the re-kindling of a sexual relationship of which he has no recollection. 

Meanwhile a teenage girl in Edinburgh mourns the death of her father and discovers that what she knew about him was actually not at all what was really going on. 

Then there are the bees… 

and the neo-nicotinoids.

And a dead body which Neil cannot be sure he didn’t kill because he can’t remember.

This thriller kept me guessing and I did not see the final twist until it was presented to me.

I can thoroughly recommend this book. Smart, intelligent and well-researched 

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