Rumpelstiltskin – ever wondered what he was really up to? Goblins. Ever wondered if ALL those goblins in those dreadfully protracted middle earth movies were all CGI? The Saracen’s head – it’s not really a ‘head’ though is it? It’s just a pub. Are you sure? Doughnuts. The portal to the multiverse or just a bakery product? 

All this and much more. A tale of greed and desire, of money and power. The financial crash of 2008, was it just because of this very simple principle that you CAN turn straw into gold?

I liked this tale and it neatly works in some popular folk tales and draws them up and alongside the most serious monetary crisis of modern times. There is much to unearth and, although the doughnut portal has been used again, I think it is used to good effect, although I can’t quite yet work out how Tom Holt will extricate himself from this trope.

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