This is my personal collection of book reviews. They are mostly for my own benefit and to allow me to track my reading. I might want to read a book again but the chances are that I wont, and in that case I need a little bit of a jog to my memory. The books will mostly go for charity shop sale after I have read them and very few will remain in the house. I do give others a chance to read them first.

Edit : it seems that more people are following this blog than I initially thought would do so. Read it if you want. Comment if you want.

Edit II: If you are offended then please let me know so that I might ignore you.

Edit III: I’m not in it for the “clicks”. I’m not a clickwhore. I’ve no desire to be a “notice me” kind of person. I’m very unlikely to “follow” you.


3 Responses to About

  1. TheGirl says:

    Do you accept requests from authors for book reviews?

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