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Ethically speaking

Oh my. This book is incredible. I only wonder just how much impact I let it have on my life. This non-fiction book is vitally important and comes at a time when these issues really do matter. So. Some words … Continue reading

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What you think you know 

I thought I knew Isaac Newton’s history and I was wrong. This book takes us through the life of Isaac Newton from. His humble beginnings belie the huge impact he had on mathematics and physics, but how aware are you … Continue reading

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Antikythera for the interested

   This book is ace. I’ve had a fascination for the antikythera mechanism for a good number of years and this probably dates back to a TV programme which is mentioned in the book and featured Arthur C Clarke. I … Continue reading

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Holy war 

   I read this book in October and realise that it was written some time before recent events had started to swamp our collective conscious. I’m not one for the mawkish sentimentality of the ‘je suis’ movements or seeking to … Continue reading

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Two wheels good ….

   I picked this book up very cheaply via my kindle some while ago. I decided to give it a read and it turned out to be a brilliant travelogue. Our companion is a schoolteacher who sets out to visit … Continue reading

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Lol Britain 

  Tim Moore takes us on a journey of the least loved parts of the UK. He does this in one of its least loved vehicles and when he arrives in the locations of choice he stays in the least … Continue reading

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   This is an interesting exploration of public shaming in the modern age. It looks at many of the recent ‘twitterstorms’ including Justine Sacco and the hounding of these people by the self righteous mob. I find this a distasteful … Continue reading

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